The Counter Cultures Network’s Shopkeepers Story Map (Central America and the Caribbean Maps).

Other Web Resources:

  • The Chinese Benevolent Association
    • The official website of the Chinese Jamaican community organization that “offers humanitarian and social aid as well as works with our community [in Jamaica] to preserve Chinese customs and ethnic identity.”
    • Among other things, the website includes interactive maps of ancestral villages (in both Hakka and Mandarin), a spreadsheet of “Jamaican surnames and their ancestral villages,” an overview of Hakka migration history (produced in collaboration with My China Roots), a cemetery database, a bibliography from the CBA Library, downloadable back issues of newsletters and other CBA publications, and a timeline created to mark the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the Chinese in Jamaica.
  • Tsung Tsin Association of Ontario
    • The official website of the Ontario chapter of the pan-Hakka association. A quite large percentage of this particular chapter’s membership is Chinese Jamaican.
  • Chinese Caribbean Association
    • The official website of the community organization dedicated to “to assist other Caribbean Chinese in [their] transition and integration into Canadian society.”
  • Ms. Chin Productions
    • The official website of filmmaker Jeanette Kong, whose work “[documents] the historical past of the Chinese-Jamaican diaspora.”
  • Counter Cultures Network
    • This interactive website born out of a 2011 conference held at X University in Toronto: “Counter Cultures: The Space and Place of the Chinese Shop.” The site, like the conference, is aimed at scholars and others interested in “how the shop counter has (and continues) to act as a cultural contact zone throughout the Chinese diaspora.”
    • Includes a “Shopkeeper Story Map”.
  • My China Roots

History and Culture (Books, Articles, Theses, Dissertations, Etc.):




Religious Writing:

Children’s Literature:



  • Always Together: Chinese-Jamaicans in Reggae Music (2012), directed by Generoso Fierro.
  • The Chiney Shop (2012), directed by Jeanette Kong. DVD.
  • Finding Samuel Lowe: From Harlem to China (2014), directed by Jeanette Kong. DVD and online.
  • Getting to Know Mr. Chin (2019), directed by Juliet Chin. Online.
  • Half: The Story of a Chinese Jamaican Son (2013), directed by Jeanette Kong. DVD.